Prenuptial Agreement Review Online

Review of Prenuptial Agreement (Document Already Drafted)

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Our review package is appropriate if you already have a prenuptial agreement but need it reviewed by our team of licensed New York attorneys.  Yes, an actual attorney will handle your matter.

This service is most popular when one party has previously had a different lawyer or an online provider prepare a prenuptial agreement, also known as a pre nuptial, prenup and antenuptial agreement, and the other party desires to have an attorney review it.

We offer this package for a flat fee. We also offer this package for postnuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements.


From New Yorkers To New Yorkers

Sean K. – Manhattan

“My wife had her attorney prepare the prenup but NYC Prenup reviewed it and answered all my questions.”

Lina A. – Queens

“Thank you. We used a form from a website, but wanted our questions answered about the process.”

Peter R. – Brooklyn

“Excellent and quick turnaround as my review counsel. Appreciate the help.”