Q and A from our Twitter Followers and Prospective Clients - Part 1

Every day, we get inquiries and comments from prospective clients, and interested parties on social media. Today and tomorrow, we are going to take the time to answer some of your recent, or most frequently asked, questions- that may not be answered on our website. Let us know what you think @NYCPrenup!

Q: When we get a prenuptial agreement, it becomes a legal document. Does that mean anyone can see it?

A: Not unless you want them to! No, your prenup is not posted anywhere, and it is not a public document. A prenuptial agreement is a legal document, yes, but it is private, like most legal documents; it’s just between the parties involved, who sign it. A prenuptial agreement is not subject to any free

Q: I’ve learned from reading your blog, and doing some of my own research, that laws and clauses about prenuptial agreements vary by state sometimes. Your company is called NYC Prenup, and I live in NY now but what if I move?

A: It is true that laws on prenuptial agreements, and all kinds of civil matters, vary by state. Being that we are in New York and we specialize in prenups here, and have for some time, we know the laws and the ins and outs of civil matters here very specifically and have never had a client had an issue with a document to date. The ways the laws vary from state to state can seem minor, but a little error in a document prepared by an attorney who may not be as experienced and you risk having your whole document voided if you are ever to use it. As for moving, that’s not a problem. The prenuptial agreement is based upon the laws of the state in which you are residing at the time the document is drawn up. If you want to revisit it to make sure that there are no reasons to change or amend things in it, NYC Prenup is here to help but other than that, you’re good to go!

ENJOY YOUR PARTNER AND YOUR NEW MARRIAGE! Rest easy knowing that the odds are, being that you’re a couple who communicated well enough to discuss and work through the details of a prenup, that your marriage will last! We at NYC Prenup cannot wait to get started helping you create your document, order our services on our website www.nycprenup.com or email us today!