Prenups: Not only for the rich and famous

Walking through Madison Square Park recently, we looked up and saw the sprawling length of building that is The Whitman. The building, next door to the luxurious eatery SD26, is where Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky purchased their condo. It prompted a discussion about Clinton’s prenup agreement from 2010. NYC Prenup LLC is primarily an online legal services company, preparing prenuptial agreements from start to finish, but we are based in New York City, and under certain circumstances can be retained to provide in person legal services as well if need be. However, for a typical prenuptial agreement, everything can be completed quickly and easily right from your home.

So back to this Chelsea Clinton prenup… Apparently Chelsea and Marc have an extremely detailed and interesting prenuptial agreement. There is a financial analyst article that called it genius, but then others in the message boards underneath the article were calling it ‘crazy’, because it’s stipulations are so far-reaching and inclusive, and also very specific. Their marriage is not the everyday marriage, however, so why would their prenups be any different? Their document goes beyond just assets and debt, but also includes where and how they agree to spend holidays, religious agreements, and infidelity clauses.

Relationship experts often say that the clause about cheating in prenups is somewhat of a formality that many couples like to see on paper, and look at one another, and say that it is the legal version of the vows they will say in court, church or under a canopy of flowers in front of their friends and family. It is a business agreement that says ‘We take our marriage seriously’ and no one understands business more than those at the top of the political food chain, like the Clintons.

The Clinton family financials spent a lot of time under a microscope recently, and that includes daughter, Chelsea, and all of her financial dealings. This means that many news writers and tabloid digging bloggers have started to revisit the 2010 document and its contents, which basically show that Chelsea likely listened to her mother, and took a page from her parents’ play book- the couple who signs legal documents together, stays together. Or something like that.

According to Fred Silberberg at the Huffington Post, the only reason a prenup agreement is a bad idea is when one of the two parties in the couple waits too long to bring up the idea. Maybe you’re avoiding it because you think it will deflate the excitement of wedding planning for your wife, or you don’t want to tell your husband your thoughts because you have heard him voice his comments that your relationship is strong enough to not need one; either way, it’s not a good idea to wait until the last minute, and in many cases, according to your state law, a prenup agreement obtained too close to the wedding may not even be considered legally valid. Plan for a successful relationship. This is just another reason why waiting on a prenuptial agreement and the discussion about your finances as a couple truly cannot wait.

At NYC Prenup, you can have a document just like this drawn up in under 48 hours, for a very reasonable price of only $799. You may not have a $20+ million condo with a view of Madison Square Park, but the assets that you do have should not be subject to any of the subdivision and issues that come with a divorce. You have worked hard to be where you are today, so wherever that is, give yourself a reason to celebrate your savvy financial decisions and let our lawyers at draw up your prenup today.