Prenups: Make Decisions Outside Court

New York City is an amazing metropolis- and living here, you know that there is just something about it that makes you feel more driven. You are among the rest of the go-getters of the world. You’re are going after every bit of life you can. And – right now- the next big milestone you’re tackling is marriage. First off- congratulations! It’s a beautiful journey full of tons of learning experiences, fun, and joy. You are embarking on that journey through the rite of passage that is your upcoming wedding, with your new life partner. Although the wedding planning, the honeymoon excursions, your guest list, food, and music are some of the most joyful decisions you get to make, like everything- there are always housekeeping errands that have to be done that may not be as fun, but are always well worth the time they take.

The financial aspect cannot be ignored, and a prenuptial agreement, also known as a antenuptial agreement, is very important for your financial planning.

The state of New York has some of the most fair, honorable justices in the country. Decisions made here are fair and equitable, for the most part, but a judge is only as good as the information he/she has, so if you and your spouse are arguing while splitting up, he/she is getting 2 sides of the same story- with usually very little middle ground- and he/she has to go from there in making a decision based on only your financial documents. Family ties, emotions and other intangibles don’t go into his decision because, well, he doesn’t know you. He doesn’t know that the inheritance from your grandmother is really important to you that it gets passed to your children, or that you really didn’t care that much about the beach house, but you did want to have a say in the apartment you rent out in Midtown. Basically, if you and your partner had discussions about these things- verbal agreements- that is well and good, but it really doesn’t mean much in the court of law.

Remember these three Ds: Delusion, Distress, Duress. There can be none of those when signing a prenup, and of course if you are doing your prenuptial agreement together online through NYC Prenup, it shows a team effort of reviewing everything openly together, and eliminates the concern for those variables for the most part. The judge will look at all the circumstances surrounding the agreement, but using NYC Prenup does help the judge and courts uphold the agreement to the letter that you and your soon to be spouse have outlined since it shows that you have made it in good faith together.

NYC Prenup make it their goal to make things as easy, painless, and cost effective as possible for every couple, and we have thought ahead and eliminated these problems for you. Let us help you enter into your nuptials without the concern over any of these elements that can nullify an agreement, and draw up your prenup  with us today!