Planning your Wedding? Discuss a Prenuptial Agreement.

Planning for a wedding is a hectic time, and there are a lot of things to worry about, so it isn’t a surprise that a lot of prenuptial agreements are purchased in a relatively close timeframe to the actual wedding. However, what a couple doesn’t want to do is wait until it is so last minute that the court sees it as a possibility that someone signed under duress, did not understand the document and was rushing, or that there was some sort of extenuating last minute circumstance.

Last year, an episode of a popular talk show- ‘Dr.Phil’- addressed the issue of prenuptial agreements. The show’s host, Phil McGraw, is a marriage and family counselor and psychologist. On this date, he invited guests Mel and Ian to share with the audience their recent troubles – all stemming from Ian asking, for a prenuptial agreement. The bride was shocked, she said. She could not imagine why they hadn’t discussed it sooner, although the real reason seemed to stem more from her concern that she wasn’t going to get the type of settlement she anticipated if they did eventually divorce. It was not a good way to be starting a marriage. Ian’s father had urged him to obtain a prenuptial agreement. At the time, Ian hadn’t given the document or the repercussions of not having one, much thought. It wasn’t until rumors sprouted of Mel’s possible infidelity, and some secrets she had kept from him that made him concerned about the relationship, that he approached her, and demanded a prenup as a condition of getting married. Mel reported being shocked and taken by shock, reaching out to her sister, Krista, who reportedly views his asking for a prenup as an indicator of Ian wanting an ‘easy way out’ if things in the marriage get difficult. Naturally, this story is a little dramatic because it was hosted on a daytime talk show, however the general idea of the disagreement between the couple stands as a common one. If the idea of a prenuptial agreement is brought up at the last minute, then you never know how the person will react as you discuss the details of financials in the relationship.

As we mentioned, the courts may see a last minute document as one that hasn’t been reviewed thoroughly by both parties, so to avoid any of the drama that Mel and Ian dealt with and make sure that you have plenty of time to prepare, bring up the discussion now, and let us help you prepare your document.

However, if your wedding is rapidly approaching, and you are just getting around to creating your prenuptial agreement- we understand that too! Wedding planning is hectic, and we are happy that we can return your completed document in under 48 hours.

This story is not an uncommon one. One of the two parties getting married waits until the last minute, and under pressure from a family member, bursts out with something the other had not yet heard- that he wants a prenuptial agreement in place before their nuptials. Then, hurt and confused, the spouse who is being asked to sign, discusses it with a family member who acts as counsel to that person, and urges, in this case, the wife not to agree to it, on the grounds that asking for a prenup is somehow a sign that there are doubts about the relationship.

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