Our New Clients are Savvy, and Prepared

First of all, if you’re one of those new clients-- congratulations on making the right choice!

NYC Prenup is truly the only choice, when it comes to having your prenuptial agreement drafted by New York attorneys who are very knowledgeable in this niche field of law- prenups ARE our business! This is an area of the law that we find exciting because we get to help people who are just starting out, and we see the wonderful benefit that having a prenups has on the couples who do one day need to make use of the document. Often, couples are able to remain amicable after a split, solely because of eliminating any bickering about money. You have now joined that very fortunate group of people. Now that we have all of your information, safe and secure using our website, you just have to wait anywhere between 24 to 48 hours, and then – check your email! It’s really that simple. The document will be there for your review, using all of the information that you provided, and nothing is added that is not in alignment with the information that our staff attorneys receive via your submission through our site. If you have ever filled out online forms for a quote for insurance, for example, it is a similar process to that. Those documents- car insurance, let’s say- have fewer specifics of course and are more easily completed since they are generalized and there is no person who is reviewing and preparing them. Here at NYC Prenup, an attorney, here in New York, is receiving the submitted information in his or her email, then using their expertise, skills and experience, drafting the document tailored to New York law, to the letter. Then, the licensed attorney will review and edit the document, marking it and comparing it with current law, other recent prenups to ensure that everything is both standard and accurate to match your form, but also personalized and matches the information that you have provided. Then the document is modified into an emailable format- and is linked in an attachment from our NYCPRENUP.COM email server right to your email. It is that simple, with no middlemen, other companies or agencies. This is the height of 1-1 personalized legal service with an exceptionally skilled attorney- without the fee of a face to face visit. Our prior clients frequently refer friends and acquaintances getting married to the site - and they do- because the ease and sensibility of it matches the security and quality that NYC Prenup attorneys pride themselves upon. There is no other choice but NYC Prenup when it comes to creating your document- unless you want to spend a lot more money, time and energy meeting with a lawyer; but we know you’re a smart consumer, and our clients know a good thing when they see it. After all, you’re marrying your partner because you knew a good thing when you saw it, and now you can both say the same thing about NYC Prenup. We can’t wait to help you in your next big step!