No Longer Filing ‘Single’: Tax Day Discussions

Money is a difficult topic for many couples to discuss.  

Financial talks do not easily fit into the romance of wedding planning.  Here at NYC Prenup, we understand that. New York City, in the spring time, has a buzz to it that makes preparing for a wedding extra thrilling and fanciful. No one has ever said the same of taxes, finances, and money conversations that come during this same season.

Many may find it uncomfortable or even rude to discuss money and so therefore we try not to bring up finances at all.  Not coincidentally, it is one of the biggest causes for marital discord.  The two may go hand in hand- the avoidance of the topic, and the stress of finances- but it may also be that a lot of stress is coming directly from the lack of communication.

We think that it is best when a relationship is open, and we know you agree. Maybe you don’t know how to get to that point of openness you’re looking for. This is the opportunity you need. Ask to sit down with your spouse and see what he or she thinks about a prenups. Take a look at our New York website together, and reach out to us if you have any questions. Our site is secure, and private; all of your information is encrypted and our server is impenetrable. All of our work stays in-house with the licensed attorneys we have on staff- right here in New York. So, although to complete your prenuptial agreement, you and your partner don’t have to meet with us in person (cutting down on those attorney fees), there is something comforting about knowing that we are, literally, just a few blocks away.

Just like the decision to use Turbo Tax to prepare your documents and then mail them in rather than meet with an accountant, more and more couples are deciding to use lawyers like us online in that same manner- rather than have face to face professional appointments that tend to take a big chunk out of a bank account- not something you want to do as a new couple.

The season is upon us- April 18th is the deadline day in 2017 (traditionally April 15th) - is just a few weeks away.

Tax time presents a great opportunity for engaged couples to begin a discussion about finances.  Discussing finances is never glamorous or romantic.  But given that it has the potential to be a hot button issue in a marriage, getting your questions out in the open can help you both rest a bit easier and actually enjoy the preparation for your wedding.   A simple review of your tax returns can help you both address what type of terms you would like to set for your prenuptial agreement.  After all, if you’re talking prenups, that means that before you know it, you won’t be filing Single anymore!