My fiancé doesn’t trust me! Wants a prenuptial agreement!

Oh, we’ve heard this ALOT. This negative assumption stated by people who don’t understand that this is a valuable agreement for both parties. Creating a prenuptial agreement doesn’t need to be a negative discussion.  Written agreements or contracts are not about a lack of trust.  Contracts provide clarity of what will be done in the event occurs and we enter contracts at various parts of our lives for many reasons. A purchase and sale agreement, between a buyer and seller, establishes what money will be exchanged, how and when, for the transfer of real estate property.  Attorneys draft wills and trusts for parties to divide property according to your wishes when you are no longer able to say.  We purchase insurance for our health, homes, cars, pets in order to protect our financial futures from the unknown.  Protecting the unknown of our marriages deserves the investment of our attention to drafting a prenuptial agreement.

We think about it like this - your partner is showing respect for you and your relationship by protecting each of your personal financial goals and priorities.  Together, you are sharing with each other, a foundation -what you each entering the marriage with, in terms of debts and assets. As your grow together and build wealth, acquire additional debts and responsibilities you set the intention in your prenuptial agreement of how you anticipate the division of those assets and debts should you choose to uncouple. Communication about hard things is showing trust of one another.  And remember, prenuptial agreements need to be fair to be enforceable!