Is my financial information submitted online secure?

Absolutely! We are committed to keeping our client’s data safe and secure.

When you are providing financial data, we request you each provide the financial institutions name and the amount of the investment or debt in that account.  An example of a checking account would be “Bank of America $10,50.00”. 

Some people want to be more specific; they will include the last 4 digits to distinguish multiple accounts with the same institution. This often helps when there are more than one accounts at the same institution, for example, we frequently reach out to clients who provide us with information on credit cards such as:

Citibank 5533- $1,000.00                      Citibank 4298- $5,942.39

This way, when we are referencing accounts, calculating items, we can ensure that we do not leave anything out, or duplicate any accounts that we reference in the document’s terms.

We do not ask for any further details, and you should be very wary of any source who DOES request those numbers. You do not need to provide financial institution information (beyond your method of payment for the good or service) to create a legal document.  This ensures that your account information including full numbers, expiration dates, security codes, passwords, and any other details are not provided. In the age of cyber security issues, NYC Prenup spares no expense in ensuring that the server upon which our website is being run is exceedingly up to date and utilizing state of the art technology to protect your information. Yes, we are New York lawyers, not tech specialists, but we do have an IT expert who IS the specialist in this field, who has made sure that the route by which your information is sent is completely safe.

We have been providing this service for several years and not once has there ever been an issue with security of accounts and financial information. Your information is safe with us, and the document we prepare will be yours within just 48 hours. After that, none of your information is saved in our system and we do not have a database which stores client account information or financial documentation.