How Does a Prenup Get Signed?

At NYC Prenup we often get questions from our customers regarding how he/she is to sign the final document.  Do they need witnesses?  Notary Public?  Does it get recorded with the County or State?

New York Domestic Relations Law §236(B)(3) provides as follows: “An agreement by the parties, made before or during the marriage, shall be valid and enforceable in a matrimonial action if such agreement is in writing, subscribed by the parties, and acknowledged or proven in the manner required to entitle a deed to be recorded.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an acknowledgment of an agreement made before marriage may be executed before any person authorized to solemnize a marriage pursuant to subdivisions one, two and three of section eleven of this chapter. Such an agreement may include (1) a contract to make a testamentary provision of any kind, or a waiver of any right to elect against the provisions of a will; (2) provision for the ownership, division or distribution of separate and marital property; (3) provision for the amount and duration of maintenance or other terms and conditions of the marriage relationship, subject to the provisions of section 5-311 of the general obligations law, and provided that such terms were fair and reasonable at the time of the making of the agreement and are not unconscionable at the time of entry of final judgment; and (4) provision for the custody, care, education and maintenance of any child of the parties, subject to the provisions of section two hundred forty of this article. Nothing in this subdivision shall be deemed to affect the validity of any agreement made prior to the effective date of this subdivision."

What does this mean?  We recommend that both parties sign the prenuptial agreement in front of notary public.  That notary should take steps to identify and acknowledge each party, the most logical being to ask for photo identification such as a passport or driver's license.

Our staff at NYC Prenup is always available to assist with questions.