Household Chores in a Prenup

Over the years we have had some unique provision requests.  Some are unlikely to hold up in court.

If you desire to determine household chores, “I will take out the trash. You will do the laundry. I will food shop. You will cook.”  These provisions will not be enforceable in courts, but it often makes people feel better. We have drafted clauses in prenuptial agreement determining the custody of horses, provided terms for lump sum alimony payments, declared alimony only after so many years of marriage, defined the expiration period of a prenuptial agreement. 

There are goodwill clauses where you agree to not disparage the other party in the event of a divorce.  Social media clauses are agreements to not sharing embarrassing photos with a violation fine disclosed.  If you anticipate using reproductive technology for creating your family the genetic material which is stored can be included in your prenuptial agreement.

Have you an entrepreneurial idea or intellectual property that you want sole ownership of?  There are ways to incorporate that into a prenuptial agreement.  How about family heirlooms that will be considered only one parties asset?  You can include future family heirlooms – what will be done with family photos in the event of a divorce?  This can be a costly battle in court later so determine know that photos will be made available for duplication in the event of future separation.

Creating a vision of what you would want to leave a marriage with can seem odd while building a life together.   You know what is important to you and what you would want to protect in the event of a divorce.  If you invest the time and energy now and it will cost less later.