Having a Prenuptial Agreement is a Sign of a Trusting Relationship

“Although the perspective of a prenup is that a partner doesn’t have a high level of trust, the opposite is true because all assets must be disclosed in order for an agreement to be valid.” –Brandon Gaille*, The Million Dollar Blog

New York City couples are some of the savviest financial planners of them all. These are people poised for a huge step in their life, and they are sharing everything- and that includes the details of their finances- both their income, and their debt. Congratulations on being among the responsible couples who decide to plan for their future, and have our staff attorneys at NYC Prenup assist you in this big step.

A successful marriage is built upon the trust that this process engenders. There are many questions that arise during the discussion that help the couple to iron out any wrinkles in planning their joint financial future.

In no particular order they are as follows;

  • Which one of you will be ‘responsible’ for the finances, ultimately? Who writes the checks for the majority of the household bills, will any remain separate? If so, how? How will those bills be paid?
  • Will either or both of you keep a separate bank account? Will your paychecks be direct deposited into your joint checking account, or will your paychecks go to your own account and then you will disburse funds to the joint account?
  • How much money will you save? Will you donate to charity? How much, which ones?
  • What sort of travel expectations and plans do you share?
  • You are currently living here in the city, but is this something that you foresee yourself doing once you have children, IF you have children?

We find that too many couples do not address these large issues that affect their financial futures. The couples that do always fare far better in the long run.

When the discussion of children arises, there are other financial considerations to be accounted for, such as daycare and college planning for your children. If your children will be attending a private school in the city, how will you be paying for it, and how will those payments be split in the event of a divorce? Making these decisions now will save a lot of legal headaches- and money- in the long run. It is a very simple, and quick process that you can complete now, as opposed to dealing with anything complicated and contentious in the future. If you have any questions about how to prepare your prenuptial agreement, our staff attorneys have at least over 20 years of experience, in New York state, and can help you every step of the way. Typically, couples who purchase a prenuptial agreement through our site, can do so without even asking any questions, since you will find that the process is spelled out in straightforward terms and can be done relatively quickly, and we return the completed document to you within 48 hours. NYC Prenup’s attorneys pride themselves on quick, precise preparation of your document- and although it is done quickly, special care and attention to detail and your particular circumstances is paid to each agreement prepared.

*(Brandon Gaille over at The Million Dollar Blog – www.brandongaille.com shares information that motivate bloggers’ financial futures, and he shares excellent money making tips, too)