Getting Married in New York

We live in a ‘disaster-prepared’, ‘worst case scenario’, ‘insurance-for everything’ society.

Except when talking about getting a prenup.

The divorce rate in cities across the United States is 63%, and research still shows that only 3% of couples have a prenuptial agreement.

The laws are structured in certain, specific ways, and navigating the legal system can be a lengthy process. However, there is a very simple way to assure that you don’t get entangled in that type of circumstance- messy legal processes. The way to assure that you will never have to go through that is by obtaining a prenuptial agreement prepared by attorneys who specialize in New York law, and who only handle prenuptial agreements in New York City- at

What other good or commodity can you imagine being told that there is a 63% chance you’ll need, but having only 3% of the population actually purchase it? Not many.

Because you are a smart consumer. You do your research. You investigate and read reviews, and talk to friends, and make sure you’re prepared. Today’s consumer does not fall victim to the trappings of pretty packaging and fanciful marketing….right? Well, not all marketing is created equal and the case for fairy tale marriages has put blinders on many of us.

When meteorologists give us even the 20% chance of rain, we toss an umbrella into our bag. Just in case. And that is just 20%! And yet most people are willing to gamble their life’s earnings, businesses, sometimes even family relationships, just to avoid drawing up a legal document, as if it holds some superstitious voodoo negative power. The phenomenon of being in denial about needing a prenup as a form of ‘marriage insurance’ is as puzzling as it is interesting.

People know that marriages don’t all succeed, they are aware that there is such a thing and this thing is called divorce but ask them in front of or around their soon-to-be partner and they’ll clam right up and go silent.

A lot of these people simply claim that they don’t need a prenuptial agreement because neither party in the marriage is wealthy. First of all, what IS wealthy? Sure you may not be a millionaire- yet! - but we are certain that you have some assets that you would like to see increase over the next several years. Secondly, it is not only assets and wealth that is being considered, but the debt that you and your partner have. You’re going to want a prenup to make sure you aren’t paying alimony, child support, and ALSO that student loan of hers from that degree she never used from that college that shut down. Sound cynical? It’s just reality. It happens all the time. With the hope that your resources multiply significantly over the next 20 or 30 years during your marriage, getting a prenup is just the wise choice to make.

Think about this; you’re willing to bank on the fairy tale bliss of a traditional marriage, yet you won’t give yourself the same hopeful advantage when it comes to career and financial success; why not?

You know all those goals you’ve set for yourself? Well imagine reaching them, and then having a marital problem that leads you to decide that divorce is best for you both, and now you’re not only thrown back into the world of dating but worse- you’re forced to work as hard for the next 20 years as you have for the past 20, just to rebuild what you’ve already completed.

How much money you have NOW is not relevant to whether or not you should obtain a prenup that you may use ONE DAY. We are an insurance based, what-if society. Except for prenups. We hope that you heed the advice of our staff attorneys; they have years of experience specializing in prenuptial agreements, and are ready to assist you every step of the way.

According to the March 2008 article in Psychology Today titled “Magical Thinking”, “[we engage in magical thinking because] we hate surprises and because we love being in control.” We didn’t need a psychologist to tell us that we love being in control, but the notion that we hate surprises is one that may play into the psychology of ‘prenup aversion’. It is almost as if the majority of people feel that being prepared for the worst is somehow going to do just that and bring the worst, and so to avoid the shock and surprise of a marriage coming to an end people are willing to avoid protecting themselves and their finances.

Make the smart decision for your finances by getting a prenuptial agreement at – our process is quick, easy and secure, and our New York City-based attorneys who specialize in prenuptial agreements are waiting to assist you!