Don’t Let Money be the Dreaded Conversation In Your Relationship

For many couples their primary relationship stressor is money. If a relationship can be affected by something tangible and absolutely within our control, then it makes the responsible couples open to being proactive about their financial discussions. This is something that is avoidable with a lot of open dialogue and some good planning. Economic stability when it comes to helping a relationship stay on solid foundation and having the prenup talk will help build some of that stability. Money determines how we raise children, where we can live and what we can own. Money determines what we eat, where we eat, and the way we make decisions about big ticket purchases can be a decision that you and your soon to be spouse want to come to an agreement on.

If you are reading our blog, you’re probably someone who is already thinking about money, and the way it is going to affect your marriage. It is good for our clients, and potential clients, to gain insight into why the money conversation is so difficult for a large number of people. We see a lot of individuals who feel that opening up their private financial documents to someone else as more intimate than letting them read a personal journal. We understand, especially since we have been niche attorneys in this field for many years.