COVID-19 and Marriage

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your relationship? Deciding now to get married due to a life changing situation?  Realized what and who matters? Has this pandemic caused an early retirement for one of you? Not ready to divorce but realize you have a different view on financial priorities?

We can help with creating your prenuptial agreement or your postnuptial agreement that fits each of your financial situations.

Setting down your intentions, disclosing your assets and your debts are important to the successful joining of any partnership, especially a marriage. The emotions that many people all over the world are discovering during the social distancing are high.  Logic and planning may be set aside.  We want to relieve the pressure from having multiple meetings, long phone calls and unnecessary expenses.  We created a better way to bring this service to our clients. We know that our clients can have hard conversations and come to mutual understandings.  We trust that you can disclose the assets, debts, and intentions.  Then move forward to hopefully not look upon that legal document again.

We are here to help you bring logic into the emotion and plan for your future.